Saturday, May 30, 2020

" ... virus is a hoax, not a threat." - Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Asst Treasury Secretary under Ronald Reagan

An insider who speaks his mind speaks. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts in 81 years old. He has stepped on a lot of toes of former associates. Someone who is a conservative insider who tells on spooks, and tells it like it is, gets high marks in my book.

Roberts, even at age 81, is putting himself at personal risk speaking out like this. I ask that you go read what he actually says, not just my snip for the title. Roberts is putting his family, and his legacy at risk, why?

If Roberts is actually calling BS on the Pandemic, it might mean that there was no reason for anyone, anywhere to lock down. What if there was only an outbreak of just a stronger Flu in Wuhan? The virus was reported to be cobbled together in the Wuhan Germ Warfare Lab. COVID-19, Coronavirus is a pretty lame "weapon", but with scary names.

What if China blocked the virus spread to around Wuhan, or just let it spread, and put out scripted propaganda that this was going to be the worst population killer in the history of the world? They set the stage, and the world takes the bait.

Hillary Clinton's insecure server may have been intentional to sell secrets to China and then not have a paper trail. Countless CIA type operatives in China and anyone they knew were probably tortured and killed in China, and all over the world in big numbers.

So with Hillary Clinton, it is "China, China, China," much more than it is "Russia, Russia, Russia," with Trump, and there should much more said about, "Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine," regarding the Bidens, and actual treason.

So, who are the beneficiaries of a drill going live, beside the Clinton Global Initiative?

Bill Gates, UN, UNESCO, the international police union which can grow 4x in dues collection from all police and alphabet agencies worldwide, and of course China. Mostly young adults have climbed out of their mother's basements and are calling for worldwide Communism, no borders worldwide.

The face of the regime, a new Premier of the UN which is a world leader may go to Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama just might be installed as US President whether Biden is up for being the initial "in", or not.

China just months ago had lost the Trade War to Donald Trump and the US, only seemingly so, as China treated it like a battle, attacked the entire world in a stealth way and has won the War of Ideology.

The Chinese Communist system of squashing dissent is now worldwide.

You, without knowing it, are now under a partnership of control shared by the Chinese Communist Party, UN UNESCO, unseen elites and seen billionaires, World Banks, war corporations, Big Pharma w/ ring leader Bill Gates, and the biggest conduit to everything law, legal, judicial, and investigatory, the International Police Union.

You're probably at home. Make some popcorn if you have it. Watch the show that has been scripted for a long time.


Blogger tsisageya said...

I don't think he's saying what you think he's saying. Just the opposite, in fact.

Sunday, May 31, 2020 9:56:00 AM  

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